Workshop and Practice

Maria Fomina  

  • New Colors – Advanced level, Saturday 10.30 – 12.30

Devi Mamak and Jenifer Nolan & Super Beth are well known for their creative formations, as well as the new moves that are included in the official dictionary and ATS® Training DVD Vol. 9 Anatomy of a step. Performances of Ghawazi Caravan and Tamarind Tribal are rich with their special variations and choreography ideas. We will look through the evolution of some of the moves from the classical to the modern and the movement dialect. Find lots of inspiration, open your mind and colorize your performance with the new colors!                                                                                                                                                   Props: zills

  • ATS® performance through choreography ideas Advanced level, Sunday 16.15 – 18.15

How to prepare a memorable ATS® performance for your audience? How to choose the music and how to work with it? How to make the most of the number of the dancers and the stage? Spontaneous or thought-out improvisation? Is there a place for the group choreography in ATS®? From theory to action and rocking performance!
Props: zills

Isabel De Lorenzo 

  • Fast Fades -Intermediate and up level, Sunday 10.30 – 12.30  SOLD OUT

How to give a powerful flavor to trios and quartets improv? Fading with Arabic Hip Twist flourish, ASWAAT,  Triangle step, Arabic double turn and Spins, for sure!  In this workshop we will review these moves and practice many fades and circles with them. Your troupe will earn beauty, synchro and strength.  Props: zills.

Fi-Fi le TiPaon 

  • Fantastic Four – Intermediate  level, Saturday 14.00 – 16.00  SOLD OUT

Fantastic Four (Concept/Technique) The ultimate formation ! Self sufficient. Beauty of the entity. Yet, you want to add more challenge ? This workshop is for you. Spice up your quartet with overexciting swirling fades, from the classics to some more crazy ones from Fi-Fi’s tribe, the Heiwa dialect.
Props: zills


  • Let’s move! Spostamenti e transizioni – Open level, Sunday 14.00 16.00 SOLD OUT

Let’s learn how to manage and get the most out of groups dynamics and travelling through the space to make our dance smooth and energetic!
Props: zills

  • Patrizia Pin & Francesca Pedretti

    Rock the casbah! 200%ATS Hafla
     – Open level, Saturday 16.15 – 18.15  SOLD OUT

    Improvising in the group wants technical skills, knowledge of ATS® fundamental principles but most important is adaptation, being open to your dance friends and want to have fun! In this workshop we practice our skills and knowledge preparing ourselves for a real ATS® improvisation to be performed on stage at 200% ATS Hafla in the evening.
    N.B: workshop participation does not mean mandatory participation in the performance but we would love you to feel very welcome to join our dance!
    Props: zills


Practice – Yuri Ferretti

During the lunch break on Saturday and Sunday, between 12.45am and 1.45pm it will be possible to participate in the ‘Practice ATS®’ session.
Dance workshops often do not leave much time for the exercise of movements and formations: we have decided to give the possibility to develop this muscular memory immediately! Here is the idea of these practices within the Event, test immediately, with a warm mind, the work learned.
Yuri Ferretti, host of our 200% ATS® leads and coordinates these 2 sessions.

Yoga for dancers – Nishka Shuvani
After an intense dance weekend, we thought to pamper you a little … here is a little thought, a moment of connection with your body and breathing, a moment of thanksgiving.
Sunday 18:30 – Teacher: Nishka Shuvani